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Dear Lee Anne, Thank you for a wonderful product! The grasshoppers are at bay and the garden is growing beautifully. Marcus and I enjoyed the phone visit. Have a great summer!

Rose Marie & Marcus

Lee Anne, this is Kevin Shapland, I would like to say I was very satisfied with the results of the Nolo Bait. Was very beneficial during our growing season at controlling the hoppers and keeping them to a minimum. Also spread the bait on my 5 acres where I live and almost eliminated them completely. Thanks!

Kevin Shaplan

While our little town of Republic, Washington throws a grasshopper festival every year, I throw Nolo Bait! Three years ago, their numbers were of Biblical proportions. Needless to say, our garden was leveled within weeks. Having over 50 acres of hay and oat fields, prime habitat for hoppers, created quite a challenge. Trying many a remedy with minimal success except fat chickens, my first bag of Nolo Bait showed promise. Following the instructions to the tee, last year’s garden was one of our best. The Grandkids are not afraid to play in the yard anymore and this year appears to require only light hopper maintenance with Nolo Bait. Using a side by side with a seed spreader covers the areas quickly and the hoppers do the rest. Thank you M&R, GREAT PRODUCT!

Jim Mensik

On behalf of the Environmental Awareness Club (E.A.C), I would like to thank you for your generous donation. Your product truly allowed us to maintain a better garden. For years grasshoppers invaded not only Positive Park garden but the school lawn and courtyard as well. Last year was especially severe and we lost hundreds of dollars in bulbs and other plants. Your product was truly needed and made a huge difference. We are able to rid Positive Park of all the grasshoppers and we are on our way to eradicating them in the courtyard as well. It would have been easier for you if you sold it to us but you made the kind decision to donate Nolo Bait™ to us. We truly appreciate what you have given us and hope to continue using your product in the future. With gratitude,

Peace Bankole
E.A.C. President - Hillsborough High School

Thank you so much! This is a MIRACLE product.


Thank you for your kindness and the quality product.

Bill Crabtree

I have been using Nolo Bait for years now and swear by this product. In AZ we have had a severe drought, which has allowed the grasshopper population to grow unchecked in the White Mountains. After watching my sapling trees, garden, and even weeds denuded of leaves for the second summer in a row I started looking for a safe product. The year before I had nesting robins feasting on grasshoppers, but they disappeared after my neighbor sprayed insecticide on his lawn to kill the grasshoppers. I began searching for a safe way to control grasshoppers and I found Nolo Bait™. I even called the Audubon Society before using Nolo Bait™ to be sure it would be safe for the birds, and it was. I put it out each year and have kept having successful Mountain Bluebird and Say’s Phoebe’s nest, fledge and come back each year. I love birds, but even more important is the safety of my little ones. I don’t have to worry when my kids play outside because I don’t spray insecticides, I use Nolo Bait™. I also am a backyard beekeeper and have free range chickens, so insecticides are not an option! Nolo Bait™ does take time to work, but it is worth the wait. Our grasshopper epidemic is very bad up here with migrating hoppers coming in each summer, so I use it yearly. My acreage has much less grasshoppers than the rest of the area. I now have fruit trees, a prolific garden, and even wildflowers; all with few grasshoppers! I just ordered another 25 lb bag and will be treating the migrating grasshoppers that are starting to come to the area. Thank you for making Nolo Bait™, I wouldn’t be able to grow anything but grasshoppers without it.

AZ Land Owner

Here at Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club, on the St. Lucie River in Palm City, FL we have a mix of homes and condominiums, on over 1015 acres spanning the communities’ 28 villages, 2 golf courses, 3 marinas, and an American bald eagle preserve. We have had problems with Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers on the property, eating plants, and vegetation, as well as causing problems with the members of the community. Searching online for products to control our problem with the grasshoppers, we discovered Nolo Bait. Ordering 200 lbs of Nolo Bait from your company, we precisely followed the application instructions, making 3 applications, at the right time of day, in areas on property that were known to have grasshopper hatchlings. We have had great success with Nolo Bait, taking note that the adult population of grasshoppers has decreased tremendously within the first year of use. Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club will continue to use Nolo Bait, and highly recommend this product.

Jonathan Pratt - Pest Control Manager
Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club - Palm City, FL

We have used Nolo for increased grasshopper control of our garden, yard and acres over several years. This year I especially appreciated the colorful and informative pamphlet when I purchased our supply. Looking at the brochure now, I see the same photo which is on your website. It makes me smile. It is of a couple of horses grazing on grass filled edges of a pond; made me remember our farm, pond and horses where I grew up. Last year I recall telephoning your company to ask question about Nolo and was surprised when the pleasant lady identified herself as the CEO. Want you to know we are proud of M&R Durango, Inc and the work all of you are doing in your ‘Made in America’ Company!

Beth & FD Kisor

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