About M&R Durango, Inc.

M&R Durango, Inc. has been in operation since January of 1989. We are the producer of Nolo Bait (A biocontrol agent containing (Paranosema) Nosema locustae for grasshopper control). If you are interested in more information concerning Nolo Bait™, or if you would like ordering information please click here.

  Biological Solutions for Grasshopper Insect Control
   We manufacture and make the product available to home/garden stores for retail sale
   Producer of Non-toxic Nolo Bait™, approved for Organic Use in grasshopper control.
  Approved for sale in 31 U.S. States and Canada

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Meet The Owner

Picture of Lee Anne Merrill-

Lee Anne Merrill-

Founder & President

Founded: 1989
Privately Owned